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About Christophe Brochard

I was born in France in 1976 and since 1997 I am living in The Netherlands where I work as an ecologist. I started very young observing nature, first with bird watching and later with many different aspects of nature like plants, insects, shells, etc. When I was ten years old I received my first binoculars and my first reflex camera, this was the start of a passion for life.

My interest in photography and nature are complementing each other perfectly. In my work I always try to combine Art and Biology; Art to get the composition as good as possible and Biology to have pictures useful as determination material.

Macro photography is one of my favourite topics in wildlife photography. It asks not only a lot of patience, respect en knowledge of the subject but also a very good technical understanding of photography (having the right luminosity, field of depth, background, sharpness etc.).

I am a member of a lot of nature organizations in France and in The Netherlands. As a member of the SWG (Strandwerkgemeenschap) I recently, together with Gerhard Cadée, published a book about Tropical Driftseeds. Since 2006 I am also a member of the NFG (Natuurfotografengilde).